Exhaust aftertreatment systems for Heavy Duty Trucks

HJS's product portfolio for the truck segment includes diesel particulate filters for everything from light to heavy goods vehicles. Irrespective of whether you're active in the long-haul or short-haul forwarding business or operate public service or refuse collection vehicles, HJS has the right system for your needs.

Our innovative environmental protection technologies can be used either as original or retrofit equipment. All systems meet the statutory requirements and are certified in accordance with the valid licensing regulations.

The benefits are obvious

Sintered metal filter

Diesel particulate filter: Sintered metal filter (SMF®)

Put your trust in the SMF® when retrofitting your truck and benefit from our many years of experience in the business. The centrepiece of all HJS exhaust treatment systems is the sintered metal filter (SMF®). Read more ...

Electronic Control Unit

Monitor your HJS diesel particulate filter with our ECU diagnostics software

Our ECU (Electronic Control Unit) diagnostics software is required for installing, servicing and troubleshooting with an HJS diesel particulate filter system equipped with an electronic monitoring function. Read more ...


Latest HJS product range in the download section

The Download section of our website contains our latest range of products for public transport buses, plus lots of other interesting data. Take a look around and find out for yourself! Download section ...

Enquiry form Heavy Duty Trucks

Enquiry form for exhaust aftertreatment systems for trucks

Our online enquiry form enables you to ask us directly about the availability of a specific retrofit system. Simply fill it in, send it off and we'll get back to you in next to no time. To the enquiry form ...

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