What is "vehicle type approval"?

Vehicle type approval – also referred to as "homologation" or as a "general operating permit" – is granted by the relevant national or supraregional vehicle licensing agencies (such as the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) in the United Kingdom) and governs the admissibility for installation of vehicle parts and separate technical units for which such approval is stipulated by law. Basically speaking , all vehicle parts and technical units that are intended to replace parts and units installed by the original vehicle manufacturer are subject to such approval. The type approval certificate and the relevant certification tests conducted by a technical inspectorate (e.g. Germany's TÜV) ensure that vehicle parts that are not from the respective vehicle manufacturer correspond to the original parts with respect to type, execution, quality and operating principle. If original parts are replaced with parts without type approval, this can invalidate the type approval of and, in the process, the insurance cover provided for the vehicle as a whole. The vehicle no longer satisfies the statutory requirements laid down in, for example, the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (UK) or other national equivalent.

Last update on 2013-07-05 by Dominique Winkler.

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