What benefits can I expect from fitting an HJS City-Filter® to my vehicle?

With the HJS diesel particulate filter you will reduce the level of particulates emitted from your diesel car and therefore make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and health. What's more, there are also tax benefits from retrofitting an HJS City-Filter®.


    • Health and environmental protection – By fitting the HJS City-Filter® to your car, you are sending out a strong message for greater environmental awareness and compatibility, because the filter will allow you to reduce the particulate emissions of your diesel by up to 70% and make a meaningful contribution to protecting the environment and people's health.


    • Unrestricted access to low emission zones (where applicable) – By retrofitting an HJS City-Filter®, you have to worry about not being able to drive into certain towns and cities (Germany-specific).


    • Tax incentive (where applicable) – Different countries such as Germany and the Netherlands for example reward the retrofitting of vehicles with a monetary incentive.


  • Maintaining value – If a diesel car isn’t fitted with a filter, the EurotaxSchwacke used car price guide today already suggests a resale value that is on average €600 lower than a car with one.

Last update on 2013-07-05 by Stefen Baetge.

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