Catalytic Converters

HJS-Catalytic converter

HJS is one the leading suppliers of catalytic converters. By using heavy-duty, high-efficiency coatings and high-quality materials, we produce and offer catalytic converters of the very highest quality. Our extensive range of upgrade and retrofit catalytic converters for spark-ignition and diesel engines covers the bulk of vehicles on the road.

By replacing their existing catalytic converter with an HJS upgrade cat, a great many vehicle owners and operators can save themselves a tidy sum on road tax. What's more, innovative retrofit concepts, such as the KAT 2000 for spark-ignition engines and the upgrade cat for diesel vehicles, enable many older vehicles to be recategorised in a cheaper tax class (where applicable).

HJS, however, also has suitable solutions for newer Euro 3 and Euro 4 vehicles as well as for older vehicles. Thanks to on-board diagnosis, the new generation of HJS replacement cat is EOBD-capable.   |   |   |   |   |