HJS bluemission® catalytic converter

HJS bluemission® catalytic converter

Many vehicles that have a catalytic converter installed still exceed the specified emissions limits dramatically. The majority of replacement parts available on the market are so badly manufactured that they cease to function after a very short time. What's more, untrustworthy cat manufacturers frequently cut corners when working up the expensive precious metals whose catalytic properties determine how effectively the unit cleans up the exhaust gases.

For this reason, the German environmental organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V. (DUH) has initiated the launch of the "Blauer Engel" (Blue Angel) ecolabel for catalytic converters. The "Blue Angel" is the world's oldest and most familiar ecolabel set up to honour truly environment-friendly products and services. For 35 years, it has played a big part towards developing and consolidating the concept of sustainability in industry. With regard to exhaust-gas aftertreatment, the aim of the ecolabel is to help ensure that emissions limits are complied with long term and effectively. To this end, the German technical inspectorate TÜV NORD and DUH have joined forces to develop a test procedure in which the ageing process of catalytic converters is simulated and their physical resilience tested.

The "Blue Angel" is the first and readily recognisable differentiator for high-quality catalytic converters.


Doing fine – with bluemission HJS catalysts

The "Environmental Labelling Jury" (Jury Umweltzeichen) decided to launch the "Blue Angel" (Blauer Engel) ecolabel for catalytic converters back in December 2012. As a premium manufacturer of environmental protection technologies, HJS Emission Technology fully supports the introduction of the "Blue Angel" environment seal for catalytic converters.

Ever since the initial announcement of plans to launch the "Blue Angel" ecolabel, we have continued our catalyst development work in line with the new goals of quality, durability and emissions characteristics. We are calling this new generation of cat HJS bluemission.

Poor-quality catalytic converters emit more harmful exhaust emissions than they are allowed to and also offer a shorter service life. Not only do they pollute the environment and damage people's health, but they hit drivers' wallets to boot. HJS catalytic converters are the catalysts of choice for environment- and cost-conscious car drivers. And with a 4-year/120,000-km warranty on top of the "Blue Angel" ecolabel, you're doing just fine.

Certificate RAL blue angel ecolable
Certificate RAL blue angel ecolable

Starting signal: HJS launching first catalytic converters with Blue Angel

HJS is the very first manufacturer of catalytic converters to be awarded the "Blue Angel" ecolabel. As such, the starting piston for the full-on rollout of cats with ecolabel has finally been fired. HJS is already supplying the first bluemission catalytic converters and a range of approximately 630 different variants will soon be available. You can already find variants and vehicle-specific applications on the latest TecDoc CD or in our new online catalogue. Please refer to one of these two catalogue systems to ascertain the availability of variants.

The benefits are obvious

  • Over 600 different models of  replacement catalytic converter for everything from Audi to Volvo
  • Awarded with the "Blue Angel" ecolabel
  • Perfect fit
  • Long-lasting, constant functionality
  • Guaranteed use of "green mats"
  • 4-year or 120.000-km (60,000-mile) warranty
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