We do sporty, too! Motorsport cats from HJS

HJS is the world’s leading manufacturer of catalysts for motorsports. All manufacturers active in the world of automobile motorsports use HJS cat technology. More than 20 years of experience and constant further developments ensure that our products are of the highest quality and always competitive.

In collaboration with the DMSB (Germany's governing body for motor racing) and the FIA, HJS developed a catalyst concept that makes it possible to offer the right cats for every conceivable application in motorsports. HJS has developed special catalysts that comply with the technical regulations of Formula 3, the international and national touring car series, the World Rally Championship and Kit Car Championship series and had them homologated by the FIA.

This ensures that the right cat is now available for every current car racing series.

For more information on motorsport catalysts, go to www.hjs-motorsport.de

Less exhaust backpressure, more power!

Our portfolio of tuning parts ranges from universal through upgrade to replacement catalysts with ECE R103 approval.

HJS's universal tuning catalysts have been developed on the basis of motorsport catalysts. With 200 cpsi (cells per square inch), these catalysts are the right building block on which to create custom-designed exhaust systems.

The high-flow cones ensure the best possible exhaust flow into and through the catalyst and the best possible performance.

HJS tuning catalysts guarantee that the emissions limits stipulated for emissions tests are complied with and they can also be used in vehicles kitted out with EOBD.

For more information on tuning catalysts, go to www.hjs-tuning.de

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