Upgrade catalytic converter

You want to save on taxes and protect the environment at the same time? An upgrade catalytic converter from HJS can be fitted to a diesel or a petrol-engined car. It's child's play – the original cat is taken out and an HJS upgrade cat fitted instead. The result: your vehicle satisfies a better emissions classification and is reclassified in a cheaper vehicle licence or road tax band. What's more, once kitted out with an upgrade cat, you may then even enjoy unrestricted access to low emission zones.

In addition to the catalytic converter, all installation materials and documentation required are included in the scope of delivery. This includes the form for submitting to the vehicle licensing agency when applying for tax band reclassification (depending on the country in which the vehicle is registered) and the national type approval certificate. HJS gives a 3-year, 100,000-km (60,000-mile) warranty on its upgrade catalytic converters – whichever occurs first.

The benefits are obvious

  • Better emissions classification (Euro 2 or D3)
  • Lower road tax (where applicable)
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Access to low emission zones
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