The City-Filter® sets standards

HJS City-Filter®

Our diesel particulate filters keep the air all of us have to breathe to live clean. They very effectively hold back the soot particles and particulate matter that arise from diesel combustion and "burn them off" continuously. This is done and guaranteed by HJS's very own sintered metal filter technology, for which we received the German Environment Award (Deutscher Umweltpreis) as long ago as 2003.

Our filter solutions have been tested by the German technical inspectorate TÜV and are recommended by Germany's largest automobile association, the ADAC. All systems have the national type approval required under EU regulations and have been specifically developed for retrofitting. They require no maintenance and last the full lifetime of a vehicle.

Independent tests show that the City-Filter® sets standards for retrofit filter systems.

And now you can benefit directly by installing a City-Filter®

HJS City-Filter®
Diesels (Euro 3) fitted with a City-Filter® fulfil the criteria for the green emissions sticker (Germany-specific)!
  • Increase in your vehicle's resale value
    According to Schwacke, the German used car price guide, a diesel fitted with a filter fetches on average €600 more than one without.   |   |   |   |   |