HJS City-Filter® - Benefits of retrofitting

By installing an HJS City-Filter®, vehicle owners are not only making a contribution to protecting the environment and mankind, but also guaranteeing themselves unrestricted access to low emission zones (depending on national rules). Retrofitting makes financial sense, too. What's more, the resale value of your vehicle is also increased.

  • Health and environmental protection – By fitting the HJS City-Filter® to your car, you are sending out a strong message for greater environmental awareness and compatibility, because the filter will allow you to reduce the particulate emissions of your diesel by up to 70% and make a meaningful contribution to protecting the environment and people's health.

  • Unrestricted access to low emission zones (where applicable) – By retrofitting an HJS City-Filter®, you have to worry about not being able to drive into certain towns and cities (Germany-specific).

  • Tax incentive (where applicable) – Different countries such as Germany and the Netherlands for example reward the retrofitting of vehicles with a monetary incentive.

  • Maintaining value – If a diesel car isn’t fitted with a filter, the EurotaxSchwacke used car price guide today already suggests a resale value that is on average €600 lower than a car with one.

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