Sintered metal filter - Benefits of retrofitting

From both an environmental and an economic perspective, it makes sense to retrofit trucks with a diesel particulate filter, this representing a genuine alternative to purchasing a new vehicle. By installing a particulate filter, tradespeople and haulage contractors can cut their costs by a considerable amount.

A truck equipped with an HJS filter not only easily qualifies for a green sticker, allowing it to enter low emission zones, it is also recategorised in a cheaper toll charge band.

Read for yourself what incredible benefits you gain from retrofitting

Save the environment, protect people's health

Particulate matter pollutes the environment and damages the health. The combustion process of diesel in the engine produces soot particle. The smaller the soot particles, the easier these particles find their way through the lungs into the bloodstream and with it in other organs. Actually soot particle emissions are demonstrably harmful and can be efficiently removed from the exhaust gas by the application of a City-Filter.

Cut your tolls on every journey (Germany specific)

Since 1 January 2009, the retrofitting of Euro II and Euro III trucks with an HJS particulate filter system is now also being rewarded in Germany with lower motorway toll charges. This means that operators enjoy a financial advantage from retrofitting thanks to the reduction of the toll charges for trucks equipped with a particulate filter.vAnd truck operators from outside Germany can also save by fitting a filter. Assuming retrofitting costs of around €4,500 (net) for an HJS 100% filter system for a truck in emission class Euro II or Euro III, the investment can pay for itself even within 12 months, depending on mileage.

Unrestricted access to low emission zones well into the future

Vehicles can be made fit for low emission zones – by retrofitting. By retrofitting a 100% particulate filter system from HJS, your vehicle will in future carry a green sticker – no matter whether it's classified as Euro II or Euro III. This applies beyond Germany's borders, too. For HJS 100% filter systems satisfy the regulations of other big European cities and conurbations. Unrestricted motoring with HJS.

Increase, don't lower the resale value of your vehicle

If a truck isn't fitted with a filter, you can already bank on its resale value being considerably lower than a truck with one. Avoid even greater depreciation in the value of your vehicle by retrofitting a particulate filter.   |   |   |   |   |