Repair solutions

Any exhaust system is only as good as the weakest joint or fixture that holds it together. It's often the case when repairing or replacing exhaust components that it's the little things that have been forgotten or neglected. This leads to car owners spending more money than necessary and to workshops spending more time to do the same work. For even the very smallest of assembly parts and installation materials can have a huge impact: they ensure the exhaust system functions safely and lengthen its service life tremendously.

In addition to high-quality pipe couplings, gaskets, rubber pads and flexible-tube couplings, HJS's product portfolio includes many more innovative repair solutions.

Flexible-tube couplings

The Thomas More of couplings! "A coupling for all seasons". HJS flexible-tube couplings are a universal repair solution for any section of any exhaust system in the event of broken or damaged pipes. What's more, they also let you repair components that are still functional: that is, no more unnecessary replacements and costs. HJS's comprehensive product range includes the necessary parts for the most major of exhaust problems. Thanks to their perfect fit, HJS flexible-tube couplings can be used just about anywhere and are simple to fit. As such, they minimise repair work and save car owners money.

The long lifespan of the products is attributable to the fact that they are made completely of stainless steel, for which HJS gives a 3-year warranty.

Repair pipes

One weakness of most exhaust systems is the outlet pipe of the catalytic converter. Under the high stresses a vehicle is subject to in day-to-day service, the outlet pipe of the cat can easily crack. Much of the time, the cat itself is still fully functional. But because the pipe and cat are usually a single unit and sold as such, car owners have until now been forced to replace the entire cat. This is why HJS has developed repair pipes, which enable you to carry out a professional repair job on a broken pipe without any problem. They quick and cheap to fit – and the exhaust system can be returned to full functionality in a jiffy.

Tensioning-strap repair kit

For example, HJS offers a tensioning-strap repair kit for all common models of the Mercedes A- and B-class. Thanks to this repair solution, it's no longer necessary to replace the complete centre or rear silencer. Until now, the complete rear silencer of these Mercedes models has had to be replaced if the tensioning strap has broken. HJS's OE repair solution strap means you can now save a lot of money: until now, you've had to cough up at least €150 (in Germany) for a complete OE silencer – that's around five times what our repair kit will cost you.

Half-shell for the Smart

A new addition to the HJS portfolio is the half-shell for all current Smart models. By installing this inexpensive repair set, you avoid having to prematurely replace the complete rear silencer.   |   |   |   |   |