German Environment Award

German Environment Award 2003
Germany's national president at the time, Johannes Rau, presented the 2003 German Environment Award

In 2003 HJS received the German Environment Award (Deutscher Umweltpreis) for the development of its diesel particulate filter based on sintered metal, the sintered metal filter (SMF®). On 26th October 2003, Germany's national president at the time, Johannes Rau, presented the 2003 German Environment Award of the German Environment Foundation (DBU) to Prof. Claus Mattheck, a German scientist specialised in damage analysis, and Hermann J. Schulte, proprietor and executive partner of HJS Emission Technology.

This award honours commitment and achievements that have made a decisive and exemplary contribution towards protecting and conserving our environment or that will contribute to a significant reduction in environmental pollution in the future. As then President Johannes Rau emphasised, environmental protection is a key issue for discussion, which must be a permanent fixture on the agenda of industry and politics. "For too long we have believed that ecology and economics are contradictions, but the very opposite is the case: environmental protection creates jobs, not destroys them."

Environmental protection opens up a bright future!

In addition to the overall entrepreneurial accomplishments of Hermann J. Schulte, the DBU recognised above all the development of the HJS particulate filter for diesel engines. Long before the issue of particulate matter (PM) became popular, HJS had already developed an innovative diesel particulate filter system that eliminates as good as all emissions of solid pollutants. The specific properties of the sintered metal used in and the design of the filter give mean this system enjoys massive advantages over other systems. If the level of emissions into the environment is to be cut, every diesel engine around the world should be fitted with a diesel particulate filter as soon as possible. The HJS filter concept offers ideal prerequisites for use with passenger car and commercial vehicle diesel engines, but also with city busses and municipal utility vehicles as well as construction site and agricultural machinery. The SMF® can be installed as original equipment in new vehicles or be retrofitted, and results in "soot-free" exhaust emissions.

The bestowing of the 2003 German Environment Award was and remains proof of HJS's systematic and continuing development of cutting-edge diesel exhaust gas technology.   |   |   |   |   |