Landmark in a land of ideas 2006

In 2006, the initiative entitled "Germany – Land of Ideas" honoured HJS as one of its "landmarks" in recognition of its development of a highly efficient diesel particulate filter (DPF®) based on sintered metal. We are delighted to have received this accolade!

This means that HJS is one of Germany's 365 landmarks in this scheme.

German Federal President Horst Koehler


German Federal President Horst Koehler (patron of the initiative):
"Germany– Land of Ideas": as I see it, this is all about inquisitiveness and experimentation. We are talking about demonstrating courage, creativity and a desire to try something new in all areas of life, without excluding things old."

Germany's hosting of the World Cup in 2006 gave rise to an initiative entitled "Germany – Land of Ideas".


This initiative is supported by the German government and German business, represented by the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and leading enterprises.


"Germany – Land of Ideas" aims to emphasize the strengths and assets of Germany as a business location and highlight fundamental attributes and qualities associated with Germany: ingenuity, creative passion and visionary thinking.

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