Work instructions

Description of the Types of Parameter

This Work Instruction describes the various types of parameter. The document also harmonizes the language and terminology used within the company and in communication with our suppliers.

In addition, this Work Instruction describes the notational tools used to identify the following types of parameter in drawings:

  • Note for the user
  • Note about potential risks
  • Basis for Q planning with respect to scheduling inspection intervals
  • Development platform for the supplier
  • Basis for efficient configuration of the process control system (focus on important parameters)
  • Basis for work planning (coordination of the workflows)
  • Basis for ordering supplies/resources

Packaging and Shipping Specifications

The Packaging and Shipping Specifications serve to ensure that goods are delivered in accordance with HJS's guidelines. With respect to shipping, the specifications stipulated in our Terms and Conditions of Purchase apply unless otherwise agreed between the supplier and HJS.   |   |   |   |   |