Quality breeds trust

We have more than 30 years experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of high-quality exhaust gas aftertreatment products, and this is something our business partners and customers appreciate. Irrespective of their role in the automotive market – as vehicle manufacturer, parts wholesaler, workshop or car owner – all of them know HJS as an innovative and strong company at the cutting edge of emissions technology.

We owe our success in the market place and our good reputation to the systematic serving of customer and market requirements. What's more, quality awareness is a key characteristic of the entire HJS workforce.

We aim to consolidate and further expand our position in the market and our competitiveness. This is why we've taken it upon ourselves to move the company forward and to continuously improve the quality of our processes and products. And this goal applies to every part of the enterprise. Our objective is to achieve "zero defect quality" for our products, processes and services. In addition, we're constantly extending our range of expertise and in pursuit of innovations, which we see as the basis for ensuring long-term satisfaction on the part of all our customers.

And in this quest to achieve maximum possible customer satisfaction, the following guidelines govern everything we undertake:

  • We derive our corporate goals from customer and market requirements and implement them in accordance with ecological demands.
  • Fault prevention – especially during the product development process – makes more sense, is more important and more economical than fault clearance.
  • All departments work hand in hand, fully coordinated and transparently. Projects are managed across the departments.
  • The management system, with all its processes and procedures, is organised in compliance with international requirements (EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, EN ISO 14001).
  • By integrating our staff in the continuous improvement process, everyone at the company plays a part in implementing our corporate goals.

By keeping our employees happy, we also ensure both they and the company enjoy above-average performance. They are motivated, highly qualified and quality-aware, and operate in line with the following principles:

  • Open communication and active information
  • Common pursuit of the defined goals
  • Performance-oriented showing of approval, appreciation and criticism

Our desire is for all members of staff to assume personal responsibility for promoting on-going development of the company's processes and management system.
With the quality of the management system already installed and through continued systematic improvement of this system, we are certain that together we're in a good position to secure a positive future for our enterprise and for everyone actively involved in it.

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