HJS presented with the MAN award

MAN Truck & Bus Supplier Award
In 2012, HJS Emission Technology was awarded the MAN Truck & Bus Supplier Award.

In 2012, HJS Emission Technology was awarded the MAN Truck & Bus Supplier Award. This award is conferred upon companies whose products make an outstanding contribution towards improving the quality and reliability of MAN's trucks and buses. MAN Truck & Bus honoured a total of ten suppliers for their outstanding achievements.  

MAN Truck & Bus has been successfully installing the HJS Sintered Metal Filter (SMF®) in its Euro V and EEV* buses since 2006, taking full advantage of this innovative and system-specific exhaust treatment technology to ensure MAN vehicles everywhere offer their owners eco-friendly and sustainable mobility. Plans are already in place to use the HJS sintered metal filter in future Euro VI-compliant MAN city buses, too.

At the awards ceremony, Bernd Maierhofer, Director of R&D and Purchasing at MAN Truck & Bus AG, emphasised: "Cutting-edge technologies, excellent service and customer orientation are what make us strong! As suppliers, your reliability over the course of many years contributes to that. With regard to our objective, which is to develop and manufacture reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly trucks, buses and engines, cooperation with innovative and flexible suppliers is of the greatest importance to MAN."

* Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle.

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