Aftertreatment Control Unit

ACU control and monitoring

The Aftertreatment Control Unit controls and monitors all functions and active components of the exhaust-gas aftertreatment system, such as the heating element, the exhaust flap and the dosing systems. read more ...

Catalytic Bypass Burner

Exhaust aftertreatment system for low exhaust-gas temperatures

HJS's CB2 system is a very effective system for regenerating diesel particulate filters when exhaust-gas temperatures are low. read more ...

Sintered metal filter

The centrepiece of all HJS exhaust treatment systems is the sintered metal filter (SMF®)

The centrepiece of all HJS exhaust treatment systems if the sintered metal filter (SMF®). The SMF® is used to filter the exhaust gases emitted by a diesel engine. read more ...

Sintered metal filter-AR

The right system for specific requirements!

The particulate filter of the SMF®-AR system can be regenerated at almost any engine operating point, irrespective of exhaust-gas temperature. read more ...

HJS exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems for then OEM.
Aftertreatment Control Unit, Catalytic Bypass Burner, Sintered metal filter, SMF-AR - Thanks to our innovative technologies and products we are making an important contribution to protecting mankind and the environment.

About HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG

As a medium-sized company based in Menden in central Germany, HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG has many years of experience and expertise in the field of exhaust-gas aftertreatment. Some 500 employees are engaged in the development, production and marketing of modular systems for reducing pollutant emissions. Our innovative environmental protection technologies can be used either as original equipment or for retrofitting in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and a wide range of non-road applications. read more ...

London Low Emission Zone

The London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Phases III and IV are implemented-technical solutions that enable the Transport, Bus and Private Operator HGV Industry to comply with the demands and needs of the LEZ are in urgent need. read more ...   |   |   |   |   |