Prettl/HJS partnership for sustainable environmental protection

The international Prettl group from Pfullingen, southern Germany and the HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co.KG sited in Menden, western Germany, have in recent weeks entered into a joint venture.

As a result, the two medium-sized family businesses whose technological skills complement each other perfectly have formed a partnership that will promote, in particular, environmental technologies for exhaust gas treatment – and that on an international scale.

While Prettl’s activities in this segment include its Automotive Division’s production of components for the DeNOx catalytic converter, HJS Emission Technology possesses a high level of competence in the technically demanding diesel exhaust technology sector. Starting off in the vehicle retrofit branch, HJS has conducted research and development in this field for the past 30 years and ranks today among the most respected suppliers to diesel engine and vehicle manufacturers.

“Prettl is an ideal partner being medium-sized in structure, highly successful and with a strong presence in countries with potential markets,” explained Hermann J. Schulte, managing partner of HJS.

The international presence and the associated Prettl group production sites is what the Prettl/HJS joint venture wishes to exploit. Of particular focus are the countries India, China and North America.

Besides expanding their market positions through internationalization, Prettl has detected another joint prospect. “There is potential for the HJS technologies in our stationary systems. That’s because we continually strive to reduce CO2 emissions in the products of our Energy Division. This applies in particular to the segment for continuously running emergency power systems,” added Daniel Stuckert, Global Head of Media & Corporate Communications at the Prettl group.

Getting closer to the customers, developing new markets and offering the best possible goods and services in these areas are the objectives of the partnership. As a result, it integrates perfectly into the “Think global. Act local.” philosophy of the Prettl group and also complies excellently with the strategic alignment and the international expansion plans of HJS. 

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