Flexible-tube couplings

A coupling to solve all mechanical exhaust problems: that's what the flexible-tube couplings from HJS are. They offer an innovative solution to all assembly jobs on the exhaust system and save you having to unnecessarily replace components that are still functional when making repairs. HJS flexible-tube couplings can be used just about anywhere and are simple to fit. Their long lifespan can be put down to HJS's use of top-quality stainless steel, for which HJS also grants a long warranty.


Thanks to HJS's comprehensive range of flexible-tube couplings, you'll always find a solution to the most major of exhaust problems. HJS gives a 3-year warranty on all its flexible-tube couplings.

The benefits are obvious

  • Mechanical decoupling function – prevents stresses in the exhaust system
  • Compensation of thermal expansion – can be put to use with Y-pipes
  • Vibration damping and noise reduction
  • Excellent gas tightness
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Compact design
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