Exhaust-gas aftertreatment for coaches

Fit for Europe's LEZs

In particular, the coaches of tour companies who operate throughout Germany and in Europe's big cities have to be able to drive right to the very heart of city centres. Driving around low emission zones is simply not an alternative for tourist coaches. Especially for operators running a fleet of older Euro II and Euro III coaches, retrofitting is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new vehicle.

Low emission zones in Germany

More and more local authorities are taking action and setting up low emission zones to enable them to comply with the EU clean air directive 2008/50/EC. Vehicles with high emissions and low emission classification are either prohibited from accessing these zones or are subject to specific restrictions. When fitted with diesel particulate filter systems from HJS, coaches meet the German requirements and as such are granted unrestricted access to all LEZs inside Germany.

Low emission zones in Europe

Likewise, many European countries now have LEZs from which vehicles not fitted with a particulate filter are excluded. You can find out more information about Europe's LEZs and the restrictions on access to them at http://www.lowemissionzones.eu/


DPF® refurbishing "Made by HJS"

"DPF® refurbishing" – a technically perfected refurbishment process that takes into account the particular requirements of the different types of filter in use and incorporates not only flushing-out of particulate matter but also inspection and testing of the catalytic coating. Read more ...


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Enquiry form for exhaust aftertreatment systems for public transport buses and coaches

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