Exhaust-gas aftertreatment for mobile machinery

It's not only road traffic that's responsible for pollutant emissions: diesel engines used in industrial trucks, diggers and other industrial applications also pollute the atmosphere.

Solutions for retrofitting

In order to cut the pollutant emissions of mobile machinery, HJS offers modular diesel particulate filter systems specifically for these applications. The economical and environmentally sound solutions have proven themselves many times over, and are certified in Switzerland under the so - called VERT list.

Sintered metal filter-AR

Owing to greatly differing application profiles with exhaust-gas temperatures that are frequently too low, mobile machinery are usually fitted with active systems, such as the SMF®-AR system developed by HJS. With this system, the particulate filter can be regenerated at almost any engine operating point, irrespective of exhaust-gas temperature. The heat necessary to burn off the particulate matter is generated by the SMF®-AR system itself.

Modular SMF®-System

SMF® technology has been developed specifically for applications in the medium to high power range. As a rule, the systems replace the original silencer, and they can be customised as required to match specific machines and stationary applications. The modular SMF® systems require no extra regeneration aids, additives or intervention in the engine management system. The HJS Service Unit constantly displays the system's instantaneous operating state and indicates when the filter is in need of cleaning.

Diesel exhausts at the workplace – a health hazard

Rußfrei Arbeiten mit Filtern von HJS

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diesel fumes are more dangerous than was previously thought and are now listed in the same class of hazardous materials as asbestos, arsenic and mustard gas. Diesel exhausts now no longer count 'merely' as "probably carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2A), but as an actual cause of the disease.

In Germany, the government has enforced strict legal requirements with respect to the use of diesel particulate filters in completely or partially enclosed workplaces, such as tunnels, hangars or warehouses. These regulations, such as TRGS 554 (Technical Rules on Hazardous Substances – Diesel Engine Emissions) go beyond the stipulations laid down in the relevant EU directives. This particular protection regulation covers activities in work areas in which diesel exhausts can be found in the ambient air.

This includes:

  • workshops and production shops
  • construction works below ground
  • tunnels and truck cargo spaces (that are at least partially enclosed).

The minimum filtration efficiency rate of 90 per cent stipulated in the TRGS rules makes the use of diesel particulate filters mandatory.

Nevertheless, more and more builder-owners are growing aware of their responsibilities and stipulating in their invitations to bid that all construction machines used in their building projects must be equipped with appropriate filters. By doing so, public authorities, such as city and village councils, can have a direct impact on local pollution and protect both the workers on site and local residents.


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