Exhaust aftertreatment systems for public transport buses

Cities and towns in particular should serve as role models in respect of ecological and health concerns. And buses are a central pillar of the public transport system. Consequently, the task of cutting pollutant emissions has an important role to play in urban public transport, because the public view the public transport system as an especially "green" form of transportation. By consistently equipping or retrofitting their buses with state-of-the-art exhaust aftertreatment system, municipal transport authorities can respond to the expectations of their citizens.

Diesel emissions can be almost entirely eliminated by means of enclosed diesel particulate filters made by HJS. Use of an HJS SCRT® (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) system enables not only particulate but also NOx emissions to be effectively and efficiently reduced.


SCRT® – simultaneous reduction of soot particles and nitrogen oxides

Now, to reduce gaseous pollutants in combination with the diesel particulate filter, HJS has played a crucial role in developing SCRT®Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology. Read more ...


DPF® refurbishing "Made by HJS"

"DPF® refurbishing" – a technically perfected refurbishment process that takes into account the particular requirements of the different types of filter in use and incorporates not only flushing-out of particulate matter but also inspection and testing of the catalytic coating. Read more ...


Latest HJS product range in the download section

The Download section of our website contains our latest range of products for public transport buses, plus lots of other interesting data. Take a look around and find out for yourself! Download section ...

Enquiry form public transport buses & coaches

Enquiry form for exhaust aftertreatment systems for public transport buses and coaches

Our online enquiry form enables you to ask us directly about the availability of a specific retrofit system. Simply fill it in, send it off and we'll get back to you in next to no time. To the enquiry form ...

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