Exhaust-gas aftertreatment stationary applications

Many of today's stationary applications, such as power generating sets or district heating plants, are driven by diesel engines. Various measures have been and are being introduced at both the international and national level to reduce the release of pollutants at source and to control pollutant concentrations. In Germany, for instance, the "TA Luft" (or Clean Air Act) incorporated in the Federal German Pollution Control Act (BImSchG) regulates the use of industrial and commercial facilities: it lays down emissions limits and ambient air quality standards.

To enable the statutory requirements to be complied with in future, too, exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems will have to be used in conjunction with stationary applications. Depending on the emission level of the engine in question, particulate filter and denox systems (SCR) will have to be installed on their own or in combination.

HJS supplies high-quality, environment-friendly, economical and custom-tailored solutions for stationary applications with an engine power output of 560 kW (systems for higher power ratings on request).


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