'De-minimis' aids (Germany-specific)

German haulage companies that modernise their fleets and fit diesel particulate filters to their trucks can apply for state subsidies known as 'de-minimis' aids. The Federal German Government is using this measure to further encourage the trucking industry to operate eco-friendly, low-emission goods vehicles, because retrofitting the existing fleet with particulate filters makes an important contribution to protecting the environment and improving the quality of the air people breathe.

  • Max. €2,500 per vehicle
    for retrofit measures on vehicles
  • €25,500 per annum per company
    with max. €100,000 over three years
  • Further Information

The Federal Government has set an annual budget of up to €356 million for its de-minimis policy. In addition, it has also allocated a further €50 million per annum for 2009 and 2010 as part of its second economic stimulus programme aimed at combatting the recession and stabilising the country's economy.

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