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ECU diagnostics software

With the aid of a commercially available laptop computer and a diagnostics cable, the diagnostics software can communicate with the HJS ECU of the respective filter system. Data can be read out, commands given and actions executed. The software must be registered with HJS the first time it is started, so that all the functions built into it can used. Registering the program involves entering a password, which your local sales partner will be able to provide you with. Further information can be found in the User's Manual below.

The following download link contains the very latest version of the ECU diagnostics software, which you can install on your PC, the User's Manual and a few notes on compatibility.

  • ECU Diagnostics software 2010 - Version: 2.1.12 (application/octet-stream 347.8 MiB)
    Please note the following information when updating the diagnostics software already installed on your PC: After installing the new version of the diagnostics software, you will have to re-enter your personal activation key. Your personal activation key is still valid and you can continue to use it! You do not need to request a new one. If you haven't already saved your activation key, please save it before you install the new software version. You can find your activation key in the "Settings" menu of V2.x of the diagnostics software.
  • Instruction ECU diagnostics software 2010 (application/pdf 5.0 MiB)   |   |   |   |   |