HJS to make London buses clean

Menden, June 2017 – It’s London’s key project for the future of the city – a milestone for the environment. HJS is to make London’s city buses cleaner. Together with its English partner EEL, the German SME has won the contract to retrofit the metropolis’ fleet. 

  • HJS to play a major part in London’s project for a future with clean air
  • Contract to retrofit the city’s buses
  • Benefits: cleaner buses, better air

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has kept his promise. The Greater London Authority is freeing up significant funds to make the city’s buses cleaner and to improve air quality. Some £78m are being invested in the retrofitting of SCRT® systems. And the German specialist for emissions technology, HJS, has emerged as a winner of the extensive bidding process. This company from Germany’s picturesque, extremely wooded Sauerland region is one of the four suppliers whose high-efficiency emissions systems have received the approval of Transport for London (TfL).

Comprehensive framework agreement with TfL

A comprehensive and complex framework agreement covering the supply and installation of systems has been negotiated with Transport for London (TfL), the authority that coordinates the city’s transport systems.

Long-term commitment in UK

By winning this contract, HJS and its long-time English partner Emission Engineering Ltd (EEL) have paved the way to a long-term commitment in the UK. Over the coming five years, some 5,800 buses in London are to be retrofitted to bring them up to the latest Euro VI emissions standard. To this end, the UK government is providing a sum of £78m (around €90m).

Telematic system: control over emissions

Furthermore, all vehicles are to be fitted with a telematic system with built-in GPS so that their emissions can be monitored at any time. The unit developed by HJS specifically for this purpose permits online access to the entire control system and its electronics. Above all, it will allow engine emissions, but also technical data, faults, routes, positions or fuel consumption figures, to be checked and monitored in detail.

London – the flagship project for all Europe

The fastest and most cost-effective solution to the problem of air quality in cities is to put city buses at the heart of the strategy. By acting as it has, London has assumed the role of Europe’s trailblazer in the fight again air pollution. This retrofit initiative in what is Europe’s largest metropolis serves as a massive role model for all other major cities both in the UK and across Europe. It will most definitely have a positive and rapid impact on the efforts being made to improve air quality through retrofit measures.

Cutting harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions by more than 90%

HJS has already set standards with its SCRT® system. In addition to soot particles (known as particulate matter or PM for short), its modular system, an in-house development, also removes practically all nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel exhaust emissions – far more than 90 per cent.

Important milestone for London – and for HJS

HJS is proud to have won the contract to retrofit its highly effective technologies to thousands of city buses and to support London on its path to a cleaner, healthier future. Be it the residents or tourists, absolutely everyone in London will benefit from the better quality of air this cooperation will lead to.

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