HJS Retrofit Products

HJS has made the development, manufacture and supply of environmental protection technologies designed to reduce pollutant emissions from combustion engines its core business. HJS today specialises in pollutant emission reduction technologies for diesel engines – in particular, systems for reducing the emissions of particulater matter (soot) and nitrogen oxides. These include diesel particulate filter systems (DPF®) for reducing soot emissions and SCRT® Technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) for simultaneous reduction of particulates, nitrogen oxides and other gaseous components of diesel exhaust gases.

HJS's "DPF-Refurbishing" concept offers a technically perfected process for cleaning filters – a process that not only flushes out particulate matter but also ensure the catalytic coating is intact. Developed specifically for the mobile machinery segment, HJS's SMF®-AR system is particularly important to the types of application in which the exhaust temperatures required for regeneration are not reached without assistance from an ancillary system. The SMF®-AR provides precisely this assistance to enable sintered metal filters to be regenerated irrespective of the exhaust temperature.

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