Put your trust in the "Sauerland Purity Law": DPF® refurbishing "Made by HJS"

When does a diesel particulate filter have to be refurbished?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF®) is laden with particulate matter, i.e. soot particles, after just a few hundred miles on the road. In addition to combustible soot particles, DPFs also remove from the exhaust gases all other particulate matter that cannot be regenerated. For the most part, this matter consists of ash residues from burnt engine oil. These ash residues have a negative impact on the flow of exhaust gases through the filter and raise the exhaust backpressure. This results in the DPF® requiring refurbishment.

This is where HJS's "DPF® refurbishing" service comes into play – a technically perfected refurbishment process that takes into account the particular requirements of the different types of filter in use and incorporates not only flushing-out of particulate matter but also inspection and testing of the catalytic coating.

Diesel particulate filter loaded with ash
Diesel particulate filter loaded with ash Particulate matter that cannot be regenerated gets trapped and builds up in the spaces between the filter pockets and in the chambers, and the exhaust backpressure rises as a result.
Refurbished diesel particulate filter
Refurbished diesel particulate filter After being refurbished, the diesel particulate filter is fully functional again.
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