Electronic Control Unit

Electronic Control Unit

The Electronic Control Unit by HJS monitors a filter automatically by measuring the backpressure and temperature of the exhaust gases. Both pieces of information are displayed by the  HJS "ServiceCheck"display module, which means the status of the filter is immediately visible at all times. The Service Unit is included in the scope of  delivery and ensures the filter functions at optimum efficiency.


  • Constant monitoring of the exhaust backpressure and temperature
  • Overload detection for the particulate filter
  • Automatic indication that the filter needs to be cleaned
  • Lower maintenance costs

Our ECU (Electronic Control Unit) diagnostics software is required for installing, servicing and troubleshooting with an HJS diesel particulate filter system equipped with an electronic monitoring function (e.g. SMF®-CRT® or SMF®-AR).

With the aid of a commercially available laptop computer and a diagnostics cable, the diagnostics software can communicate with the HJS ECU of the respective filter system. Data can be read out, commands given and actions executed. The software must be registered with HJS the first time it is started, so that all the functions built into it can used. Registering the program involves entering a password, which your local sales partner will be able to provide you with. Further information can be found in the User's Manual below.

The following download link contains the very latest version of the ECU diagnostics software, which you can install on your PC, the User's Manual and a few notes on compatibility.


  • Logiciel de diagnostic ECU 2010 – Version: 2.1.12 (application/octet-stream 347.8 Mo)
    Merci de bien vouloir prendre en compte les informations suivantes lorsque vous souhaitez actualiser votre version du logiciel de diagnostic: Après avoir installé la nouvelle version du logiciel de diagnostic, votre clé d’activation personnelle doit de nouveau être renseignée. Votre clé d’activation personnelle reste cependant valable, de sorte que vous pouvez la réutiliser! Il n’est pas nécessaire de faire une nouvelle demande. Si vous n’avez pas encore sauvegardé votre clé d’activation, sauvegardez-la avant l’installation de la nouvelle version du logiciel de diagnostic. Vous trouverez la clé d’activation dans le logiciel de diagnostic 2.x dans le menu « Réglages ».
  • Logiciel de diagnostic – Notice d’utilisation (application/pdf 3.8 Mo)
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