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Are you looking for the right diesel particulate filter for your vehicle? If so, our online enquiry form enables you to ask us directly about the availability of a retrofit system for your mobile machinery. Simply fill it in, send it off and we'll get back to you in next to no time.


General Data

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Technical Data

Motor oil (we recommend low-ash oils)
Exhaust-gas recirculation

Data for a SMF® system

Exhaust-gas temp. measurements over min. 30 op. h available

1 Temperature measurement data under all application conditions over a period of approx. 30 h engine running time. The temperature measurements must be taken at the future installation position of the exhaust-gas aftertreatment system using a NiCrNi or PT-200 temperature sensor and 1-Hz recording rate at the centre of the exhaust-gas flow.

2 On request, we can provide a data logger for temperature measurement purposes.

Data for a SMF®-AR system

Diameter of inlet manifold between air filter and turbocharger [mm]
Availability at terminal W (alternator speed signal)
Please add 8 and 7.

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