Exhaust aftertreatment systems for Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicle owners who choose HJS products can rely on perfected solutions that guarantee consistently high quality. All of our products are developed and designed to be a perfect fit for the individual needs of our customers. We apply the very highest quality standards when testing and manufacturing all our products. Every HJS City-Filter® and assembly kit is tailored to the respective vehicle model.

Product Range Online

HJS product range online

This section contains our Online Product Range, the entire range of products we offer for passenger cars, recreational vehicles and light-duty trucks. From HJS's City-Filter®, catalytic converters to assembly equipment – it's all here. Online Product Range ...

Enquiry form Passenger cars, Recreational Vehicle and Light Duty Trucks

Enquiry form for exhaust aftertreatment systems for cars, vans and  recreational vehicles

Our online enquiry form enables you to ask us directly about the availability of a specific retrofit system. Simply fill it in, send it off and we'll get back to you in next to no time. To the enquiry form ...

HJS City-Filter®

Diesel particulate filters: HJS's City-Filter® and SMF® sintered metal filter

Our diesel particulate filters keep the air all of us have to breathe to live clean. They very effectively hold back the soot particles and particulate matter that arise from diesel combustion and "burn them off" continuously. Read more ...

Mounting Parts

Assembly equipment – Aftermarket

Any exhaust system is only as good as the weakest joint or fixture that holds it together. This is why the auto trade and repair shops interested in providing quality have been putting their trust in HJS assembly equipment for over 30 years. Read more ...

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