HJS Products for the OEM

Whether they're installed in heavy-duty trucks, buses, forklift trucks, bulldozers or district heating plants, diesel engines often have a really tough job to perform. And thanks to their outstanding performance, reliability and efficiency, they excel in their job. But there's another characteristic that's becoming ever more important: if the quality of the air we breathe is to improve, vehicles and mobile machines have to be environment-friendly, too.

The task of developing drive systems that are both as economical and as clean as possible will be an even greater challenge in future. 2014 will see the coming into force of even more stringent limits applicable to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, with the enactment of the Euro VI emissions standard. In the USA, too, commercial vehicles are now, since the introduction of the EPA 2010 standard, already forbidden from emitting virtually any particulates and nitrogen oxides.

In most cases, the ever more stringent legal requirements can only be met with the aid of additional exhaust-gas aftertreatment with effective, low-maintenance, heavy-duty and long-life emissions reduction systems.


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